13 Things We All Thought Only Rich People Could Have Growing Up

growing up poor
Twitter / @pottedherbs / @SsssamanthaaMUA

Growing up making any type of request that was out of the budget, be it the latest Jordan’s or the newest flip phone, you’d hear “money doesn’t grow on trees” so fast your head would spin. For the lower to middle-class households, parents worked hard for their money and made sure their children valued the all-mighty dollar and understood the importance of work ethic.


For those of us that weren’t fortunate enough to be born into loaded families, we all had different ideas of what wealth looked like. Twitter user Samantha Ravndahl sparked the conversation probing users to answer the question: “What was the pinnacle of wealth for you as a child?” and the answers are both funny and relatable af.

Even a few celebrities added their 2 cents:

From second refrigerators to dimmer light switches, it’s funny to see how wrong we all were about what wealth actually looked like as a child. Now we’re “all growed up” and realize you’re doing pretty freakin’ good for yourself if you can afford the bulk size Charmin double roll toilet paper at Target.  

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