20 Things You’ll Relate To If Your Mom Is The Greatest Person In The World


1. She’s always one call away to listen to the bs life throws at you.

2. And to talk about people with you..


3. Also, she’s there to talk to you about things that are of no importance.

4. Good Moms always have witty comebacks when you get out of line.

5. And might need a little help with tech from time to time.

6. I get it from my Mama!

7. She stuck by you in your emo phase.

8. And she knows when to take a therapeutic session at Target when she needs it.


9. This is why she deserves to go to Target alone.

10. She always says yes when your Dad says no.

11. She always makes an effort to keep up with pop culture.

12. Good Moms also know that there are unwritten rules when it comes to shopping with Dad’s credit cards.

13. And good Moms instill confidence in you from an early age.

14. But never forget, she’ll never lose her ability to clap back.

15. You never really disturb each other’s peace, because .. real love.

16. What Mom doesn’t take the occasional “very odd selfie” for all of your FB aunties to comment on?

17. She’ll always have your back when trouble calls.

18. Good Moms always know who’s good for you.

19. And she’ll still be there for you when you mess up.

20. Last but not least, when you reach a certain age, Mom will give you all of the TEA!