20 Unforgettable Starter Pack Memes From This Past Decade

starter pack memes cover
A collection of great starter pack memes from the 2010s.

The 2010s are slowly coming to an end, making it a great time to discuss some of the best memes from this wild meme-filled decade. One genre of meme that played a major part in the mid-late 2010s, were the Starter Pack memes.

The Starter Pack or starter kit memes hit the internet before the internet was a much more sensitive place than it was before the decade started. The meme format employs picture collages to stereotype specific types of people.

The meme started in late 2014 and has been a staple of the meme economy ever since.

Here are 20 of the best starter pack memes that you’ll ever see from the 2010s.

1. The “can I speak to the manager” starter pack


2. The “I shout at my wife in public” starter pack


3. The random dude at every wedding starter pack.


4. Dad checking in on you during a depressive episode starter pack4.


5. Staring out the car window as a kid starter pack.


6. Underage and pregnant starter pack.


7. The “I run to class” starter pack


8. The “cool kid in 3rd grade” starter pack.

9. The “Mom” starter pack.


10. The “thirsty boy” starter pack.

11. The “popular guy in the early-to-mid 2000s” starter pack.


12. The “I’m taking this to the school board” mom starter pack

13. The “Youtube apology video” starter pack.


14. The “Early 2010s childhood” starter pack.


15. The “girl who disrespects the teacher for no reason” starter pack.


16. The “yeah I’m 22 and go to high school parties” starter pack.


17. The “I only date black guys” starter pack.

18. The “staying home from school” starter pack.


19. The “stay at home cause I have no friends” starter pack.

20. The “lemme get a hug” starter pack.