A Twitter Thread Is Pointing Out The Ludicrous Things People Do In Bathtub Tray Ads

bathtub tray ads
dasha11 / depositphotos

Ok, we all know that every advertisment we see isn’t going to be chocked full of honesty.

Some ads we see are full of stock photos and footage of people living lives that look almost too perfect.

Included in this class are advertisements that are attempting to prove the worthiness of a product. Many product advertisements accidentally work against themselves after consumers give them a good look.

A pianist named Sharon Su explored this notion on Twitter over the weekend. In a viral twitter thread, she exposed how bath tray ads are some of the worst around when it comes to their extra-ness

Su, started the thread with this tweet, expressing comfort in the idea that people who manufacture bathtub trays “have no idea what women actually do in the bath.”

Su continued the thread with another pic of woman doing the absolute most with her bath tray.

I mean who could honestly complete a bath without all of these accessories.

Su continued to share more bath tray ads with her brilliant commentary., It seemed as though the ads got more ridiculous with each tweet.

Worn down by the obvious marketing pitch from bath tray manufacturers for women to rethink their regular bathing habits, Su sarcastically conceded.

Grab your accessory ready bath tray from Amazon, pick up an odd assortment of snacks (don’t forget the 8 kinds of cheese), the cocktails that look like Windex, and let’s get to bathing!