Adopted Woman Reveals Her Heartwarming Ancestry Story On Twitter

ancestory story
California woman details her heartwarming ancestry story in a now viral Twitter thread.

Albreanna Watson, 28, of Los Angeles, California, was adopted at birth and never knew anything about her biological family or her origins,

Albreanna decided to tell her heartwarming ancestry story on Twitter:

Albreanna says that she knew of no details surrounding her birth family.

To find out these details, Albreanna joined an ancestry site where she got a life-changing message.

The message was Albreanna’s first message from a biological relative.

Through the connection forged with her biological brother, Albreanna was able to connect with her siblings on FaceTime.

From there she learned that her youngest brother stayed within close proximity to her.

Albreanna and her siblings then hatched a plan for her to meet her biological mother for the first time.

She detailed her feelings before the meeting.

..and also showed how she connected with her new-found siblings in such a short period.

Seconds before meeting her mother, Albreanna was understandably nervous.

Albreanna then mustered up the courage to surprise her biological mother, and the moment was beautiful.

The two were a lot alike.

Albreanna learned that her Mom never intended to forget about her.

My eyes are freaking leaking.

Last, Albreanna shared a pic of her mom in her heyday.