Ariana Grande Wins First Grammy But She’s A No Show At The Awards, As Promised

ariana grande grammys
Instagram / @arianagrande

Ariana Grande just won the prestigious “Pop Vocal Album Of The Year” Grammy Award for her album Sweetener, despite refusing to attend because of a disagreement with the show’s producers.

Last week in an Associated Press interview, Grammy’s producer Ken Ehrlich suggested that Ariana Grande wasn’t prepared enough to give everyone her highly anticipated Grammy performance. In the interview, Ehrlich stated that Grande “felt it was too late for her to pull something together.”

Apparently, this wasn’t how Ariana Grande would correctly frame the disagreement over her potential Grammy performance. The singer took to social media to defend herself against the accusations.

Grande addressed Ehrlich’s comments directly by attaching a screenshot of Ehrlich’s interview quote to a tweet:

Ariana went on to explain that from her view, the Grammy producer was just straight up lying.

Ariana then suggested the real disagreement centered around her lack of creative control  performance:

Ariana, clearly disappointed by having to skip this year’s Grammys, ended the thread by acknowledging how grateful she still was for being nominated:

According to Variety, sources close to Ariana said that on top of not performing, Grande was hinting that she would be skipping the entire Grammys altogether. This rumor was confirmed tonight when Ariana posted on social media about receiving her first Grammy ever.

Tonight, after receiving word that she won for the prestigious Best Pop Vocal Album Of The Year Award, Ariana responded on Instagram with a message of thanks:

Instagram / @arianagrande

Before posting a meme of a young Ariana Grande holding a Grammy:

Ariana Grande was also nominated for the Best Pop Vocal Performance for “God Is A Woman,” but was beaten by Lady Gaga’s “Joanne.”