Billie Eilish Just Acknowledged The Fake Video Of Her Burping And Farting On IG Live

billie eilish faked video
Instagram / Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish is calling out the fakes.

A new video of a sleeping Billie Eilish burping and farting on an Instagram livestream went viral within the past few days, but according to Billie Eilish, it’s not real.

That’s right, Billie Eilish herself is calling the gross viral livestream a fake in her hilarious response to seeing the video making its rounds.

2019 has been excellent year for 17-year-old pop star Billie Eilish. Her new album is killing the charts, she got to collab with one of her idols in Justin Bieber and is probably the most popular teenager on the planet right now.

When you’re as popular as Billie is, you know that scandals come with the territory, which is why Eilish addressed a video of herself allegedly farting on an Instagram livestream with a laugh.

Billie disputed the “faked” video by saying that her body’s noises sound much different:


Billie also recorded a short response to the duped vid, expressing the same sentiment.

Stans of Eilish created the video to prank their fave. The fan posted the fake livestream online, and it quickly went viral on various social media platforms.

2019 y’all.