Black ‘Mother of the Bride’ Dress is Extra AF and Twitter is Eating It Up

black mother of the bride dress

Imagine it’s your big day. It’s finally here. A tad nervous, but you’re feeling amazing, weather couldn’t be better, and the bridal party all made it to the venue in one piece. Check check and check. It’s turning out to be the most perfect day of your life – just as you’ve dreamt it would be since before you could even spell matrimony—exceeept, your mother has lost her motherf—lippin’ mind because she shows up while you’re getting final touches to hair & makeup wearing this:

Tonena, Etsy

As crazy as this sounds (and looks), this could certainly be a reality for a not-so-lucky bride-to-be with a very extra “this day ain’t just about you, baby” mother.

Twitter user Rave Sashayed shared pictures of this “mother of the bride” dress being sold online and the internet went crazy.

This little risqué number being sold on a popular online boutique Tonena via Etsy, is described as a “charming sexy black gown” with a “body colored lining that could be made longer if requested.” (Yea, we’re thinking just make it longer than the bride’s train. Nothing too dramatic.) The boutique’s description continues with “the back could be made closed if you’re aiming for a more conservative look”

Yea, no I think an open back would be best…

Tonena, Etsy

…With the back arch to match. 🔥

Tonena, Etsy

Add to it, hand-placed ostrich feathers, plus SHEER everything, and you’ve basically got a recipe for what the hell are you doing!?

Twitter is having quite the monster ball with this one — with some users commenting as if they were the mother of the bride wearing this crazy ensemble:

And it got better…

Listen, wedding season is quickly approaching and we will have our eyes peeled for viral pics of whatever MOTB is bold enough to sashay her way down the church aisle channeling Cher circa the 1988 Oscars. And we send our deepest sympathies to the bride in advance. Oh, and to the groom: Welcome to the family, son.

h/t Scary Mommy