Guy That Forces Bots To Write Scripts Releases A New ‘The Office’ Version

bot writes script the office
Keaton Patti of Botnik Studios releases a new 'The Office' script allegedly written by a bot.

You’ve likely already seen the articles.

Keaton Patti, of Botnik Studios has been releasing his “AI” driven scripts to wide internet praise for a while now. Here’s one of the bot’s best scripts from 2018:

And despite the skeptics:

Keaton continues to deliver “AI” driven scripts of gold. Like this “The Office” script he shared with us today via Twitter.

Twitter | @KeatonPatti
Twitter | @KeatonPatti

Like Keaton’s previously released bot written scripts, this ‘Office’ bot script has the internet abuzz.

Many people were quick to point out how spot on this particular bot written script was.

Hey NBC, can we get a re-do?