Girl Shares Story of Coworker Finding Boyfriend’s Secret Snapchat Account

boyfriends secret snapchat account
A Twitter user tells how she helped a co-worker find her boyfriend's secret Snapchat account.

From double tapping to snapping, social media can easily become a topic of many debates in relationships. Many couples have “rules” or boundaries set when it comes to social media so they are on the same page and establish security in the relationship. Some people even decide to stay off certain platforms just simply because their significant other doesn’t use it. I can dig it. Respectful, right?

Well, what happens when you find out your boyfriend BEEN HAD a Snapchat on the low? I just felt my body get hot all over.

Suppsana of Twitter shared a story about her coworker who had this exact experience. Disclaimer: All my hot-headed girls that are still lil’ wounded from previous relationships with lyin a** f-boys, proceed with caution.)

888K though? I about broke out in hives reading this.

Then here comes the update.

Oh laawwddd.

*Sips tea*

Annndd the disappointing end to this mess.

As you can imagine, Twitter went in.

Many users commented urging the girl to leave the relationship, calling it ‘toxic’ and referencing ‘gas lighting’…

Others even shared similar experiences:

Yea sis, the verdict is unanimous. Guilty. Now take you (and your new Snapchat account) and run!

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