Women Are Texting “Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored” To Guys, And The Replies Are Messsy!

break up with your boyfriend im bored challenge

It’s likely that you haven’t been anywhere lately without seeing news centered around Ariana Grande. The pop star has been on a tear as of late — winning Grammy’s, creating headlines, and dropping two albums in six months.

2018 was a wild ride for Ariana, whose public split with Pete Davidson and the death of her former lover Mac Miller, dominated headlines for much of the year.

Recording the Thank U, Next album, was a healing experience for Ariana. It allowed her to put things she was enduring in her real life, into her music. Her latest single from the highly acclaimed project is already taking over the charts.

Ariana released a video to the single, “Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored” on Friday, and as of right now it’s the top trending video in the U.S. on Youtube.


The single is #2 on Spotify’s Global Top 50 list and is also the talk of Twitter.

Yesterday, Ellie Schnitt, host of the Schnitt Talk podcast, highlighted the popularity of the song with a challenge to her followers:

The results of the challenge vary, but many of the replies were disgustingly disrespectful.

Oh he”s SHADY shady.

The monkey’s face is my face:

He was a little too prepared for this:

Wow, sad.

Messy messy.

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He’s still entertaining it…

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Tell him “Thank U, Next” duh.

Epic shade.

On Snapchat the thirst is real.

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Way too easy.

Just like I thought, TRASH.

Highkey he’s SHADY.


Other replies in the thread were far from shady.

Bone apple tea.

If he doesn’t respond like this, he’s not the one.

Jerome, just gets it.


This is actually pretty sad.


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So wholesome.

IDK you!

Me when someone I’m not feeling comes into my dms.

Played with the wrong one.

A golden response.

Relatable content.

This energy>>>

Oh, well suddenly I’m not bored anymore.

How sweet.