Bride Says Sister-In-Law ‘Stole Her Thunder,’ By Announcing Pregnancy At Her Wedding

bride loses it sil pregnancy
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Woman recounts the story of being upset at her brother and sister-in-law for telling her wedding party about being pregnant.

Although a wedding is purposed to celebrate the union and holy matrimony of a bride and groom, the day is really the bride’s alone. It is the bride that does all the planning and gets to call all the shots. It is a day reserved just for her. Everything and everyone comes second to the bride and her special day. At least that’s the way it typically works but for Reddit user merrygirl07, that actually wasn’t the case.

The bride starts off telling us about how wedding planning was fun and relatively stress-free for her since her parents were paying for the wedding. Can we say blessing?!

merrygirl07 via Reddit

She goes on to talk about her “huge knock down, drag out fit” involving her brother and sister-in-law that turned her into a bridezilla before the wedding.

merrygirl07 via Reddit

She explains that about a week before the wedding at a dinner with immediate family, her brother and sister-in-law announced that they are pregnant and then proceed to explain how they plan to announce it to rest of the family the night before HER wedding.


I’m sorry, come again?

She continues talking about how ugly things got from that point forward and how she thought her mother would have sided with her but unfortunately, did not. She gave her sister-in-law suggestions on other ways to announce the pregnancy, but she wasn’t interested in any of them.

merrygirl07 via Reddit

The bride continues with her frustration with her sister-in-law’s consistent mentioning of the pregnancy and the affect it had at her rehearsal dinner.

merrygirl07 via Reddit

She closes, revealing that her brother and sis in law did indeed share the news right before her wedding and she felt like it “stole some of her thunder”.

merrygirl07 via Reddit

Reddit was pretty divided with many siding with the bride and supporting her in her irritation with her brother and sister-in-law’s decision:

“Omg – I totally agree with you on this one. Only 5 weeks along? Way too early to announce. And at your wedding? Super rude and inappropriate. Yikes!”


” You’re right in this situation, that was petty and attention seeking of them. Rude af.”


“I get that people have the right to pick when they want to announce but personally I think 5 weeks is WAYYYY too early. it really seems like they just wanted to tell everyone and have attention on them while the family was in town. they definitely should have waited until after wedding & reception.”


“So she announced before 8 weeks? Part of me thinks they were deliberately stealing some thunder if they’re doing it so early.”


“I actually agree with you on this one. It was very rude of them, especially when you did offer them a spotlight to drop the news during the reception. I would have retaliated by bringing my wedding photos to the baby shower 🤷🏼‍♀️”


Others definitely viewed her as a bridezilla and felt like there was nothing wrong with what the sister-in-law did.

“Your bridesmaid didn’t do anything wrong. They didn’t announce at your wedding ceremony/reception or even at your rehearsal dinner, which would have been thunder stealing. It was just during some random social time during the wedding weekend. She didn’t steal your thunder…”


“I agree. It sounds like a perfectly reasonable time to tell people, given that they were all together for once.
Happiness is not a finite resource. People can be thrilled for two relatives at once. This was a legitimately bridezillaish reaction.”


” I’d be hella excited to share that. Weddings are about celebrating with the people you love. Having another reason to celebrate only makes it better. “


“Def Bridezilla – sorry but I think it’s just more joyous news to share at an already wonderful occasion. Can’t see how it steals anyone’s thunder. It’s families sharing happiness. Perfect time to announce it I think.”


The bride explained that she ended up having to let everything go and that she had never expressed to her brother and SIL that what they did upset her. She stated they are all still close to this day and she’s enjoying being an Aunt, again.

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