Bridal Party Complete! Bridesmaids Dresses For Dogs Are The Cutest Thing Ever

bridal party dogs
The Posh Paws Company/ Etsy
Not a drill!

When it’s time to say “I Do”, it’s so important that have the right people standing by your side. It’s even better when you can include your favorite furry friends to be apart of the special day, too. Now, your pup can look the part decked out in her very own bridesmaid dress.

UK-based Etsy shop, The Posh Paws Company, specializes in individually handmade dog garments and accessories and one of their most adorable items is the ‘Doggy Bridesmaid Dress’.

Not a drill! Bridesmaids dresses for dogs are now a thing.
The Posh Paws Company/ Etsy

The dress is made with satin and polyester and features a detailed collar, lined bodice and frill gathered at the shoulder “to give the impression of fitted sleeves”. The bottom contains a full bodied skirt with layers of netting with a bow at the waist. In addition, you have the option of a matching satin hair slide or headband bow.

The Posh Paws Company/ Etsy

There are 12 different colors to choose from and the prices vary depending on size, from $80.75 (XXS) to $148.05 (L).

The Posh Paws Company/ Etsy

And for pups that may be tying the knot, they also sell a Doggy Wedding Dress.

Y’all look at this. Comes in White, Ivory or Cream.

The Posh Paws Company/ Etsy
The Posh Paws Company/ Etsy

Pair that with this tuxedo from Olivia’s Doggie Designs and you have a match made in doggy heaven.

Olivia’s Doggie Designs/Etsy

A search on Etsy literally gives you hundreds of options to choose from to make sure your pooch is perfect for your..or their, wedding day.

h/t Insider