Mom Forces Kids At Her Daughter’s Build-A-Bear Party To Give Their New Toys To The Birthday Girl (Updated)

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This past weekend an understandably upset mom posted a birthday party story for the ages. Apparently, a pretty foul mother threw a birthday party for her daughter and made the craziest decision near the end of the party. The ultimatum from the birthday girl’s mom was so wild that it made a woman whose child attended the function, seek out the opinions of people on the internet.

The Redditor mom who posted about the party says that she took her child to a birthday party at Build-A-Bear with 7 other kids in attendance. She detailed that the party wasn’t an official in-store party. The group of kids met at a food court, ate cake and pizza, then went to Build-A-Bear to make their stuffed animals.

After the kids created their stuffed animals, the kids were understandably excited. But before heading to the birthday girl’s home to finish up the birthday festivities, the birthday girl’s mom demanded that each kid give their newly created stuffed animals to the birthday girl.



Yes, you heard that right. Read the baffled mom’s post for yourself.

Earlier today I went to a birthday party for my daughters (6) friend from school. The party was being held at Build a Bear, but it wasn’t run by the employees. We had cake and pizza in the food court, then went down to BAB to make bears, then back to friends house for the rest of the party.

The invitation said each kid (about 8 total) would get to make a Bear, and I just assumed they would get to take them home, since that is what happened at another BAB party I went to. Me and my husband even pitched in about 30 dollars as we know these things can get expensive.

We get to the store, and the kids go wild getting their animals and accessories. As far as I know the parents didn’t really put a limit, but I made my daughter stick to just a standard dog with a shirt, which about half the parents did as well. All is well, we leave the store, then friends mom announces that the kids need to give all their animals to her daughter. Cue the upset and angry kids. They all disappointingly handed over their animals, and friend wasn’t even being nice about it either. Another little boy didn’t want to, and friend ripped it out of his hands. I probably should have said something, but I didn’t. The other parents seemed pretty baffled too.

We get back to friends house and our kids are watching as friend plays with all her new animals. I left with my daughter pretty quickly, and once we got back into the car she just started bawling. I felt bad so we went to build a bear and got her a new one.

I’m just wondering if this is totally normal and I should have expected this, or am I being an entitled parent?

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After posting her story, the mom wanted to know if she was wrong for feeling this way. She quickly gained lots of support from the Reddit community who felt the same way she did about the incident.

People were in utter disbelief.

That is really weird!! I can’t believe the parents made all the kids give away their bears.


One Redditor told the mom she should talk to the mother about what happened.

That’s so far outside the norm, I might broach the topic with the parents, as I would be concerned they don’t understand what a breach of social custom that was.


She was warned to steer clear of future party invites from this mom.

I would’ve assumed that the trip to Build a Bear was the “activity” for the party. Better watch out if she invites to a future party at an indoor amusement park, you’ll have to surrender all your game tickets to Precious so she can get the best prizes for herself.


Others talked about how they actually threw parties at Build-A-Bear in the past and could never imagine doing such a thing.

Wow. I gave our daughters a build a bear party once too and never would have even imagined keeping everyone’s bears! That is brutal


A few people talked about how bad this fiasco will actually make the birthday girl look to the rest of the community in the future.

That was cruel to the kids attending the party. I don’t believe in buying things to make kids stop crying generally, but in this case that was totally appropriate and I’m glad you did. This was an emotionally abusive thing to do to a child that age.

I think the person that this is worst for is the birthday girl. The other kids are going to hate her (and clearly at her age it is the parent’s fault, but they won’t get that.) This will get around the school, and kids will not want to play with her and certainly not go to her parties. That poor kid.


Yep. And this is at age 6. Imagine all the other parent/kid social interactions she has yet to go through. With parents that clueless… smh


That kid is gonna get blacklisted by her whole grade level


Start saving empty boxes for when they have to move out of town this summer.


People in the comments made it abundantly clear that the joke is obviously on the greedy mom who made this bonkers decision.

Lol jokes on her I guess since she bought her kid like 8 bears? And jokes also on the birthday kid since they got 7 bears personally themed for the other kids who made them?
What a bizarre thing to do!


The original poster (namenerd77) says that she also gave the birthday girl a present aside from contributing $30 to the party and her child giving up her Build-A-Bear.

When the OP was asked if the birthday girl or mom had given any prior notice to the shenanigans, the confused mom responded “Nope. To my understanding, the little girl told her friends that they would get to keep their bears.” The mom continued “at first I thought maybe the birthday girl didn’t know she would be given all of them, but judging by her attitude maybe she did.”

The mom promises to keep the thread updated on the situation and we’ll let you know if any actions are taken to rectify the situation.


UPDATE: The OP updated the thread a few hours ago after she spoke with the offending mother at school pick-up. We’ve added her detailed description of the interaction below.

Update to my original post. Not sure how to link it on mobile, but it was about the mom making the kids give their build a bears up to the birthday girl.

This afternoon at school pickup me and another parent had a chance to talk with the mom of the party. It wasn’t a long conversation, but I’ll do my best to re-enact it here. Moms fake name will be Karen.

Insert awkward small talk here

Karen- … I hope the girls enjoyed (daughters) party the other day. I know (daughter) had lots of fun.

Other mom- Haha yeah I was actually wondering about the whole (daughter) getting all the bears thing. The kids seemed pretty upset afterwards.

Karen- Oh yeah we wanted (daughter) to have a special animal decorated by each of her friends.

Me- Oh okay. I was just wondering why the kids didn’t get to keep their bears. I even pitched in a little bit of money, assuming the bears would go to the kids.

Karen- Well I didn’t have enough money for each of the guests to make their own, that would get pretty expensive! If you want your money back I’ll see about getting it back to you. I don’t really see the problem though.

Me- Okay, well the kids were forced to give away their new creations, obviously they are going to be upset about it. I also don’t see why your daughter needs all these animals.
Karen didn’t respond and walked away right after, probably offended.

What bothers me is she said she “didn’t have enough money for all the kids to have one”, but she did have enough for her daughter to get like 8 bears. Just doesn’t really make sense.

Now I admit I’m not the most confrontational person, so I probably should have talked to her more about it. Anyways, I guess we sort of worked it out, no ones fighting, so I’m not sure I’m going to mention it to her again. Sorry this wasn’t the most satisfying ending. But thanks for all the love and support, it means a lot.

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