Cardi B Has Some Advice For All Of The Single Moms Out There

cardi b babysits
Jean Nelson / Depositphotos
Cardi B talks is warning single moms to be wary of the men that they let babysit their kids.

Being a single mother in today’s world is no easy feat. It’s a challenge for many just making sure they can keep a job, food on the table, homework done and in bed by a decent time– not to mention taking care of things for themselves. There’s so much that women have to juggle and much stress that comes along with it.

We know Cardi as one of the hottest rappers in the game right now, but she’s also a mom and she recently made a cautionary plea to all single moms via Twitter with regards to who you allow around your children:

You can tell how passionate the “Bodak “Yellow” rapper is amid news that has garnered national attention surrounding the disappearance of 4-year-old Maleah Davis’ on May 4th.

The child was reportedly with her mother’s ex-fiance, Derion Vence when he claims Maleah was kidnapped by three men in a supposed carjacking. Vence was arrested Saturday in connection with her disappearance being charged with tampering with a human corpse, “after the smell of decomposing human remains was detected in the trunk of a car he had driven, according to court documents. ” Police have also found blood and human tissue linked to Maleah throughout the apartment that the suspect and Maleah’s mother share.

Twitter didn’t hesitate to chime in…

Many users made the point that if you can’t trust the man, that’s a problem in itself…

One user mentioned this also applies to family members too…

Of course, users came out of the woodwork pitching themselves as the perfect babysitter for Kulture because Cardi, after this rant, will totally be down to hire a complete stranger off Twitter for childcare. *blank stare*


It’s safe to say that there are people that just can’t be trusted. Single moms (and dads out there), we HAVE to do better.

h/t Rolling Out