Cardi B Had The Best Non-Answer When Asked If She’ll Work With Nicki Minaj Ever Again

cardi b nicki minaj
s_bukley / Jean_Nelson / depositphotos

Nicki Minaj and Cardi B have a very bumpy history with each other and it doesn’t look like things will ever smooth out between the two rap icons.

The beef between Cardi and Nicki began a couple of years ago as Cardi’s career shifted focus from Instagram and reality television to her budding rap career. Both rappers allegedly took subliminal shots at each other with lyrics in their songs and also on social media.

The rappers then tried to move past the drama by appearing on the song ‘Motorsport’ together.

Featuring on a song together kinda made things worse for the two. It seemingly lead to more drama happening on social media

Nicki denies ever liking a tweet about Cardi B’s parenting skills, and the authenticity of the above video cannot be verified FWIW.

All of this lead to the two getting into a physical altercation at an NYFW party. Shoes were thrown, if you’ll recall.

Since the shoe-throwing incident, the two have been under a silent truce of sorts. Which is likely why when Cardi was asked recently if she’d ever collab with Nicki again, she didn’t have much to say.

Yeah, I think the laugh tells us all we need to know about that.

The ongoing feud between the two is really just disappointing. I mean who wouldn’t want to see the two amazing talents collab more.