Cardi B Says She’s Willing To Do The Rebuttal To Trump’s State Of The Union Speech

cardi b state of the union
Cardi B just tweeted that she'd be up for delivering the response to Donald Trump's upcoming State Of The Union speech.

Cardi B has been making a lot of moves lately and they aren’t all money related.

Last week, Cardi’s viral rant protesting the government shut down, garnered a lot of attention.


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Donald Trump supporters like Tomi Lahren were very agitated by Cardi’s message to her fans and decided to respond.

But Cardi B let Tomi know she had too much dip on her chip.

Another pundit came for Cardi’s feature in the new City Girl’s video for “Twerk.”

And the Bronx rapper clapped back again.

After an epic first week of political commentary, Stephen Colbert decided to make a Twitter petition for Cardi B to deliver the State Of The Union rebuttal.

The petition has received over 45 thousand retweets in two days.

Cardi even responded to the petition on Twitter, seemingly confirming that she’d be willing to deliver the speech.

If Cardi B does the rebuttal speech, it’s likely that it won’t be recognized in any way as the official rebuttal of the Democrats.. but that hasn’t stopped anyone from imagining how glorious it would be.