Chrissy Teigen Bought an Escape Artist Hamster and is Chronicling the Story on Twitter

chrissy teigen hamster
Twitter / @ChrissyTeigen

This past Sunday, Chrissy Teigen shared an important development with her 10.9 million Twitter followers.

Since sharing the spectacular news about her new family addition ‘Peanut Butter,’ Chrissy has been going THROUGH it.

She’s been dealing with things like figuring out what to even feed the hamster.

How often she should touch Peanut Butter the first week.

And whether the behaviors of her family’s new hamster were even remotely normal.

Followers of Chrissy chimed in, telling her that in fact the cage biting behavior wasn’t normal.

Chrissy didn’t seem to take the advice too seriously at first.

Until she woke up in the morning to find that Peanut Butter escaped.

Luckily, the hamster was found a few hours later safe and sound.

The escape convinced Teigen to hurry and upgrade the hamster’s living quarters.

But apparently Chrissy didn’t get the hamster’s new glass condo shipped fast enough.

Tuesday morning the elite hamster with a particular set of skills was missing from its cage, again.

Teigen then decided to take Twitter’s advice on finding her beloved hamster Peanut Butter.

She also clapped back at the haters who weren’t too fond of her hamster-parenting skills.

By the time Tuesday evening hit, Chrissy showed Twitter she was more than prepared to capture the furry little escape artist.

The traps were in place.

The surveillance systems were on.

And more than 12 hours after going missing (again), Peanut Butter was recovered.

Even though little Peanut Butter looked a bit different.

And was inexplicably wet.

Chrissy then thanked Twitter for all of the help.

Shared a quick video to show that Peanut Butter was in good shape.

And then tweeted about sharing a meal with the furry little cutie.