Chrissy Teigen Literally Created A Restaurant Menu To Get Her Daughter To Eat

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Chrissy Teigen created a restaurant menu full of toddler food in an effort to get her picky daughter Luna to eat.

Just because you have a best-selling cookbook doesn’t mean that a picky 2-year-old will be happy about eating your dishes.

Once a parent learns how to navigate the challenges of “the terrible twos” the next biggest hurdle in raising a toddler is often getting them to eat healthily.

This is a hurdle that celebrity mompreneur Chrissy Teigen decided to take on in true Chrissy fashion.

Monday evening Chrissy tweeted this about her toddler Luna out of obvious frustration.

Chrissy quickly decided to make a project out of the dire situation.

Minutes later, Chrissy had a grand idea to help conquer her daughter’s picky-eating.

By 12pm on Tuesday, the first draft of Chrissy’s restaurant-style menu for Luna was complete.

Included in the kiddie restaurant menu were seven Luna approved dishes.

First up.. Cereal with Bananas

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Next, Grilled Cheese with a side of fruit of course.

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It wouldn’t be a proper kids’ menu if it didn’t offer a nice Chicken Quesadilla.

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Somehow, Fish Sticks made it to the menu.

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Along with Chicken Tenders that look plated to perfection.

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The Chicken Spaghetti looks delightful.

The Ham & Cheese Lunables are sure to be a hit.

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After posting her kid’s restaurant menu, Chrissy received a ton of wonderful feedback from parents all over.

A few were concerned that the menu had prices listed under each item.

Chrissy explained her reasoning:

People praised Chrissy for the cute “Ham and Cheese Lunables” idea.

A chef loved the concept.

And Chrissy was even asked about potentially franchising the restaurant.

Let’s just hope all of Chrissy’s hard work pays off and gets Luna to eat. 🤞