15 Times Companies Did Their Best Trolling On Twitter

companies troll
Karen Roach / Shutterstock

Brands aren’t just on social media to answer your questions or respond to your concerns anymore. More and more, companies with the help of awesome social media managers, are participating in trolling and clapping back at people and each other.

Here we present to you a collection of funny tweets that showcase the funniest roasts by brands as of late.

1. Miller Lite shading Bud Light for mentioning their brand in a Super Bowl commercial.

2. Netflix throwing shade at people watching the Golden Globes:

3. Hamburger Helper laying the smack down with that huge glove of theirs:

4. Hot Pockets inserting themselves into a Kanye West Twitter rant:

5. Reebok throwing a little heat Donald Trump’s way

6. Totinos defense of meme featuring their beloved pizza rolls:

Twitter | Totinos

7. Pop Tarts trolling a Twitter user who committed a food-related crime with their product.

Twitter / @PopTartsUS / @Aaronclmnts

8. Tesco Mobile’s scorching burn of a woman who was likely getting the f* you button:

Twitter / @LiyahSummers / @tescomobile

9. Tinder taking a subtle jab at Kanye West:

Twitter / @tinder / @kanyewest

10. Mountain Dew came for the high percentage of air in every Doritos bag:

Twitter / @MountainDew / @Doritos

11. Wendy’s calling McDonald’s trash, for no apparent reason.

Twitter / @wendys / @_inkedsnowflake

12. I don’t think Wendy’s likes McDonald’s:

Twitter / @wendys / @itshexic

13. Like, at all.

Twitter / @wendys / @dpeacock980

14. Burger King has also taken shots at McDonald’s:

Twitter / @burgerking / @brianj32

15. Taco Bell’s clap back at Old Spice was spicy af.