Creators Of “Game of Thrones” Plan On Being Wasted With Their Phones Off After Airing of Series Finale

game of thrones creators
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The "Game of Thrones" creators tell us about their plans for the night that the series finale airs.

The final episode of “Game of Thrones” is coming fast, and the internet can’t handle it. There have been a ton of fan theories floating around, a coffee cup cameo was one of the week’s most talked about things, and the memes have consistently been on everyone’s timeline since Season 8’s debut last month.

With just two episodes left of Game of Thrones, everyone is super worried about how the show will end.

And why shouldn’t we be worried? Every time someone on the show is asked about the show’s ending they consistently indicate that we should all be bracing for impact.

Sophie Turner jokingly hinted that the ending would be some of the worst pain possible.

And Emilia Clarke gave this weird reaction when asked about how the show would end.

We know the actors are all under strict orders and contracts that limit or maybe even suggest how they should answer questions that may spoil any future episodes, but what about the creators of the show David Benioff, and D.B. Weiss.

Last month in an interview with ET Weekly, the show’s creators gave an answer that absolutely is NOT comfortable at all to hear, when asked about the series finale.


When ET Weekly asked what the duo’s plans will be for the night the last episode airs, Weiss replied that they’ll be in an “undisclosed location,” he also added that they’ll be “turning off their phones and opening bottles.”

Benioff co-signed on Weiss’ plans for the night by adding that he plans to “be very drunk and very far from the internet.”

In the same interview with Entertainment Weekly, Benioff and Weiss stressed their shared belief that a show’s ending is very important to its legacy. This reason alone could be why they’re probably too nervous to read everyone’s analysis of the series finale immediately after it airs.

But the second to last episode airs tomorrow night, my anxiety levels are peaking, and I’m having trouble believing that the show won’t have an absolutely painful ending.


What do you think? Is the show going to end tortuously or will the series conclusion be more bittersweet than anything? Let us know in the comments.

h/t Entertainment Weekly