Demi Lovato Deactivates Twitter After Getting Roasted For Sharing 21 Savage Memes

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Early Sunday, rapper 21 Savage was surprisingly arrested by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Bryan Cox, a spokesman for ICE, released a statement to The Washington Post about the arrest of the Grammy-nominated rapper:

Mr. Abraham-Joseph initially entered the U.S. legally in July 2005, but subsequently failed to depart under the terms of his nonimmigrant visa and he became unlawfully present in the U.S. when his visa expired in July 2006.

In addition to being in violation of federal immigration law, Mr. Abraham-Joseph was convicted on felony drug charges in October 2014 in Fulton County, Georgia.

ICE will now await the outcome of his case before a federal immigration judge to determine future actions.

The news of the arrest set Twitter on fire on Sunday. Mainly because 21 Savage is known to many as an Atlanta native. If the allegations by ICE are true, Mr. Sha Yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, better known as 21 Savage, came to the U.S. as a teenager.

21 Savage has always called Atlanta home and not many people knew that the rapper may be a U.K. national.

Twitter users decided to commemorate this absurd moment with an abundance of “British” 21 Savage memes:

As the topic continued to trend on the internet, singer Demi Lovato stated that she was enjoying the memes:

Twitter / @ddlovato

Demi tried to clarify that she didn’t think the potential deportation of 21 Savage was funny:

Twitter | @ddlovato

But her clarifications didn’t prevent Lovato from facing tons of backlash on Twitter and Instagram, in a matter of minutes.

Many people flooded Demi Lovato’s Instagram account with hate comments. Demi even posted a screenshot of the comments via her Instagram account.

Instagram / @ddlovato

On Twitter, people started to talk about Demi’s recent drug problems.

We won’t share many of the tweets sent to Demi here because they are so graphic in nature. Here’s one:

Demi continued to receive hate tweets. Growing more and more upset, she responded:

Twitter / @ddlovato

Shortly after tweeting back at the hate tweets, Demi Lovato deactivated her Twitter account.

Demi then took to Instagram to apologize to those who she may have offended. She also reminded people that it’s not cool to joke about drug addiction.

Instagram | @ddlovato

h/t The Washington Post, Instagram | @ddlovato