Dog Watches Owner Dig Its Own Grave Before Learning It Was Just A “False Alarm”

dog grave sad
A dog makes the absolute saddest faces while watching his owner dig his grave and the pics will utterly destroy you.

Having to say goodbye to a pet is the absolute worst. But could you imagine being told you had to put your dog down, prepare for that to happen, only to be informed that it was a “false alarm?” Oops? This happened to a man who’s son, Franklin Hardy, shared the story via Twitter.

Apparently, Hardy’s father received a phone call from the vet informing him that his dog needed to be put down. So, Hardy’s father prepared for that by digging a hole for the dog’s burial…all while the dog watched the act. Talk about heartbreaking.

*Queue the Sarah Mclachlan song from the tear-jerking ASPCA commercials*

But when the vet came to check the dog, he realized it was a mistake.

Many Twitter users responded making light of the situation:

…others not so much.

A lot of people, like myself wondered why Dad would even let his dog see this in the first place.

And for anyone wanting an update on the pooch:

h/t Twitter