This Bar Leaves Special Notes To Its Patrons That Don’t Drink And Drive

drink and drive

Refuse to drink and drive and get a meal on the house the next day. Seems like an amazing deal to me.

This creative and possibly life-altering gesture is done frequently by the owners of the Union Bar and Grill in Gering, Nebraska. The bar and restaurant doesn’t haul away vehicles that stay overnight in their parking lot like many similar establishments in the U.S.  Alternatively, the bar owners leave customers who make the choice to not drive drunk with a note and free meal when they return to retrieve their vehicles.

Janelle Martin’s husband Austin is one of the lucky customers who received a note.

In a Facebook post, Janelle Martin posted a picture of the note her husband received from Scott and Carla Swanson, the owners of Union Bar and Grill.

More bars should take note from Scott and Carla Swanson.
Austin (my husband) met a friend at the bar last night so he…

Posted by Janelle Martin on Sunday, March 18, 2018

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, almost one person dies every 48 minutes in the U.S. because of drunk drivers. Currently, over 10,000 people die each year because of alcohol-related accidents and these deaths and damages annually amount to over $44 billion in costs.

These horrible statistics show that sweet gestures like the Swanson’s could potentially make an enormous impact, especially if similar restaurants nationwide follow suit.

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