Elderly Man Sends Heartwarming “Thank You” Note To eBay Seller For Used VCR

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An elderly man's sweet thank you letter to an eBay seller goes viral.

VCR players are hard to come by these days. According to Fortune, the last maker of VHS-compatible video cassette recorders, Japanese manufacturer Funai Electric, stopped producing VCRs in 2016.

Nowadays if you want to purchase a video cassette recorder you’ll have to use eBay or scour the internet endlessly in hopes of finding one to buy.

This is why a heartwarming letter of thanks from an elderly gentleman on how grateful he is for his newly purchased VCR is going viral.

Matt Shoukry, a 31-year-old professional eBay seller from St. Louis, received the letter after forgetting he even sold the VHS player.

In a statement to 6ABC, Shoukry spoke about the eBay transaction that eventually turned into a viral internet moment:

Most eBay transactions are a blur for me as most commerce is nowadays. They pay. They get their item. Everybody’s happy and goes on their way

Shoukry told 6abc.com that he started selling items on eBay while being treated for cancer. He decided to stick with it after overcoming his cancer with treatments and surgery:

While sick, I was stuck on the couch a lot and I started selling on eBay to help make ends meet as it was something I could do from home without too much bodily stress.

Matty Shoukry to 6abc.com

Recently, a heartwarming letter came in the mail from an elderly customer who was ecstatic about a VCR he purchased from Shoukry. It read:

I found many old VHS tapes recently and wanted to see what is on them and realized I had no player. So I went to EBay for the first time and discovered your offer.

I bought your VHS and you shipped it within a few days. The VHS looks new and unused. Amazing. I had some issues getting it going which were mine and not the player. I am 86 and perhaps not up to my game but I do get there eventually. And I did, and discovered the VHS works perfectly.

Thank you so much for your care, your efforts, and your promptness.

I watched tapes of my retirement party from 25 years ago which I had never seen before. Jeez, were we young. Then a tape of my wedding with all the family and friends, many of which are no longer around. Then skiing trips, kids growing up, travels, and most importantly the gentle maturing of my family. Each one more fun than the last. All thanks to your generous selling of the VHS player.

I thought you would appreciate how much someone has enjoyed your offer.

Matt Shoukry and his girlfriend were touched by the letter of thanks and decided to share it to reddit. It didn’t take long for the letter to start trending across various social media platforms.

Reddit / MarshmallowMatt

According to 6abc.com, Matt plans to offer to digitize all of the man’s cherished VHS tapes for free. That way his family will have access to all of the precious memories for years to come.

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