There’s A Facebook Group Where People Are Acting Like Baby Boomers, And The Memes Are Giving Us Life

facebook group baby boomer memes
A Facebook group where people are giving their best "baby boomer on Facebook" impressions is giving the internet new life.

Having one of those super active baby boomer friends that don’t know how to correctly use Facebook is always a treat.

They post the most inappropriate emojis in response to serious questions, fill your timeline with inaccurate political memes bubbling with blatant propaganda and disinformation. Boomers also tend to hold conversations in the photo sections of their children that they seem never to want to end.

The gullible Baby Boomer culture on Facebook has already generated a massive forum on Reddit entitled “Old People on Facebook,” and now with Facebook’s apparent emphasis on groups, people are posting top tier boomer memes in a centralized location—“A group where we all pretend to be boomers.”

A now-viral tweet from @manhattana including screenshots from the group put the internet on notice—“Joined that Facebook group where you can only talk like boomers and I’m having the time of my life.”

The original tweet was accompanied by three hilarious screenshots from the Facebook group.

The first post was a typical shot of a blurry dinner scene posted by a baby boomer to their Facebook wall, captioned “Dinner with Tom.”

Members of the group quickly replied with their best boomer-like responses and they were all pure gold.

@manhattana proceeded to present more posts from the group in the ensuing thread.

Many of the actors poked fun at the fact that boomers love to make use of Facebook’s colorful status backgrounds.

A Facebook group where people are giving their best "baby boomer on Facebook" impressions is giving the internet new life.

What would a Facebook group about Baby boomers be without minion memes?

And stock minion gifs in response to serious Boomer prayer requests written over colorful Facebook status backgrounds.

Baby boomers posting in Facebook Marketplace is why most people don’t post in the Facebook Marketplace.

The thread was chock full of excellent screenshots from the group.

It even inspired people to share real posts from boomers on their actual Facebook feeds.

I like many others who have encountered this Twitter thread, decided to join the Facebook group and it has been nothing short of life changing. You can join the group on Facebook by clicking here.