“Fat Girls Don’t Wear Shorts” Church Leader Recorded Body-Shaming Teen Girl At Choir Practice

church leader body shames
Church leader tells teen she's 'too fat to wear shorts' at choir practice in a body-shaming incident that went viral.

Body shaming is a real thing and unfortunately, we aren’t just hearing about it taking place with ‘mean girl’ teenagers walking high school halls but we’re now seeing it from older women in church bathrooms.

Jenna, a 19-year old young woman from Swansboro, North Carolina was followed into a bathroom at her church by a church leadership team member who proceeded to criticize her for her weight. The incident was caught on camera as Jenna was recording the confrontation, unbeknownst to the woman.

On the video, you can hear the woman telling Jenna she’s “too fat”, telling her she shouldn’t be wearing shorts and forbidding her from singing with the church as long as she was dressed as she was. You can barely make out Jenna’s enraged responses at one point from crying. Things escalate and as the woman is exiting the bathroom, Jenna reveals to her that has been videotaping the entire altercation. As the situation continues outside the bathroom, a man can be heard telling Jenna to “go back into the bathroom.”

Jenna shared her awful experience via Twitter:

She then included a note further explaining what happened and mentioned that her pastor was made aware of the incident.

Jenna then showed the shorts that she was wearing. She stated that her mother purchased them for her and proceeded to point out the irony of the shirt she was wearing at the time of the incident.

The lead pastor of her church released a statement regarding the situation stating that he and the church were “shocked and saddened by the act” and they were “currently working to assure that nothing like this will happen again.”

Jenna’s tweet has since gone viral, with many users showing love to the young woman– even garnering attention and support from celebs.

While unfortunate, hopefully, this situation teaches those young and old alike, that body shaming is disgusting and can absolutely have negative consequences.

h/t Twitter