work tweets potluck

This Woman’s Co-Worker Brought Raw Chicken to The Potluck and She Live-Tweeted the Whole Experience

TW: Gross food practices. Potlucks are always dangerous events, especially ones that happen in the workplace. This thread from Twitter

nail tech fail

Girl’s Thread About Her Botched Nail Job Goes Viral on Twitter

We’re all familiar with the infamous Expectation vs Reality memes that circulated around the internet for years, right? From makeup

periods tampons

Woman Shares Guys Reckless Comment About Periods and Tampons, Twitter Went Crazy

You know the saying, ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all’? Well, we need

student n-word professor

Student Schools Teacher, Calls Her Out for Using N-Word with a Class Presentation

So, you’re sitting in class and your teacher uses the N-word. You find it odd, but you let it roll

sonic staff quits

Entire Restaurant Staff Quits On The Spot, Totally Dragging New Ownership On The Way Out

Customers who were craving Sonic last week in Circleville, Ohio, were in for a rude awakening when they arrived at


30+ Funny Period Memes To Get You Through Your Latest Visit From Aunt Flo

31. A whole other level. 30. Tell me!!! 29. A sport I never win. 28. Period mood swings are soo