A Company Is Looking To Pay Someone To Binge And Live-Tweet ‘Friends’ For 25 Hours

friends binge 1000
Company offers $1000 in cash to a superfan who'll binge-watch 25 hours of 'Friends.'

If you can believe it, ‘Friends’ turns a quarter-century this year, and we just found out that one company would like to bring celebrate this anniversary in an awesome way.

Frontier Bundles is giving one lucky ‘Friends’ superfan $1000 to do what they probably do regularly anyway— sit on a couch and live-tweet about the series.

According to a report from WBTV, Frontier is seeking someone to watch ‘Friends’ for 25 hours straight and will compensate the lucky winner with prizes along with the money. The ‘Friends’ Fandom Fun pack that the chosen fan will receive will include a year-long subscription to Netflix, a Central Perk Mug, and a ‘Friends’ t-shirt.

Feel like you’d be a good fit for the binge-watching ‘Friends’ for 25 hours gig? You can apply to be selected for the role by clicking this link. Hurry, all entries have to be received by Sept. 3rd.

If you weren’t already aware, the ‘Friends’ series is leaving Netflix in 2020. If you’re a fan of the series and you aren’t the lucky superfan who is chosen to watch it for $1000, you can still watch it on your Netflix account before it’s too late–Friends will officially leave the streaming platform in 2020.

You can also catch popular ‘Friends’ episodes in select theaters this September for the 25th-anniversary celebration. Fathom Events announced the news on their website recently.