Girl’s Thread About Her Botched Nail Job Goes Viral on Twitter

nail tech fail

We’re all familiar with the infamous Expectation vs Reality memes that circulated around the internet for years, right? From makeup mishaps to Pinterest DIY fails, these comparison pictures had social media busting at the seams with laughter.

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Well, Twitter user Mai Tai started a similar thread that has since gone viral, showing off her latest nail job with side-by-side comparison pictures of “what she wanted vs. what she got”:

The response she received on this thread was pretty hilarious as girls everywhere commented showing off their far-from-perfect nail jobs.

But y’all. We don’t know what’s funnier– the nails or the comments? Look.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse.

Yea, this is us looking at all these:

Of course, there had to be a male insert his comparison:

Our response?

Just when we had lost all hope on nail techs everywhere, some users came through with some killer jobs that put the “what I wanted” pics to shame:

Clearly, all nail jobs are not created equal. After looking at some of these pics, we’d question if these nail techs can even spell acrylic. Yea, put down the nail file and back away slowly.