Does A Good Strapless Bra Actually Exist?

strapless bra
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Periods. Cramps, from said periods. Finding the right shade of foundation that doesn’t make you look either a. embalmed or b. burnt. Callouses from rocking your favorite Jessica Simpson pumps. Decisions to sit or squat on a public toilet. Spanx. Pay gaps. Brazilian waxes. A smudge on a freshly pedicured toe. Retaliation from the weirdo that you turned down at the gas station.

I mean D*mnnnn Gina! It’s hard out here for a pimp woman and all the crap she has to go through and deal with on a daily basis.

Add to that list of atrocities, the bra. And more specifically, the strapless bra. Every woman knows that bras themselves are hell (outside of the sports bra and t-shirt bra, of course), but I’m convinced the strapless bra was specifically made by Satan himself.


Me trying to make sense of what the female species did wrong to deserve such punishment:


Popular beauty blogger Lustrelux took to Twitter to share her opinion about the strapless bra that I think all women can easily agree with: a good one is non-existent.

She continues on, sharing her struggles with strapless bras…

As you can imagine, many women chimed in agreement…

And of course, the ladies of The D Cups and Up Club saw no lies with her statement either:

But not all women agreed, surprisingly. Many users let us in on their strapless secrets, sharing what they’ve found worked for them.


Wacoal hands down was the favorite amongst the women on this thread.

Rhonda Shear Ahh Bra! was discussed.

SavageXFenty, too. Come through Rih-Rih!

Warner’s Convertible Strapless– a ‘Tarjay special.’

Upbra received a few honorable mentions.

Curvy Couture for our curvy girls.

And Torrid seems to have our bustier sisters covered…literally.

True & Co. bras was on the list too. I took a quick glance at their Twitter account, and they look so comfortable!

In my own personal experience, strapless bras suck majorly and I’d be lying if I said I think any of these options would work for me but hey, whatever floats your boat…or errr… supports your ta-tas?

What do you think? Does a good strapless bra really exist?

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