Guy Demands Date Pay Him Back For Drinks After She Doesn’t Go Home With Him


Going on dates can be stressful in today’s day and age. For one, it’s hard to really go out with someone and “get to know them” when half of us are busy social media stalking each other before we even say hello. What ever happened to good old fashion blind dates? They’re a thing of the past.

Additionally, so much pressure is put on each other to “find love” that some of us go against our own morals and values just to make someone else happy. Ladies, if you don’t want to go home with a guy—don’t. And, fellas, if a woman says she doesn’t want to go home with you—accept it. Don’t do what this guy did and request a reimbursement for their date because she “wasted your time.”

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Do better.

The story comes from Twitter user Chloe Matthews. The text message was received from a guy she had hung out with the night before while out partying.


The two had clearly spent some time together, talking over drinks—but, Chloe decided not to go home with him. Normal, right? Apparently, not for the guy on the other end of the conversation.


First of all, where do you get off requesting money back because a woman decided to turn you down for intercourse? Let’s face facts—no man is owed anything from buying a woman a drink. It’s not a barter system—there is no trading of commodities. In fact, if you have that kind of mentality, you may as well stay home entirely because my male friends, you will be awfully disappointed by what you get.

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People online were coming up with sure-fire ways to get this man back in the best way possible.

Fellas—never be this guy.

h/t: Twitter