This Guy Is Posting Pics To Send To Thirsty Men Who Won’t Leave You Alone

thirsty guy repellant
A guy supplies the internet with random selfies of himself to use in messages with thirsty guys that refuse to quit harassing you.

We’ve all had a thirsty guy or two in the DM’s that refuses to leave us alone no matter how many times we express that we’re totally not interested.


Luckily, Trevor Norris, or @trevor_norris0 on Twitter has the perfect solution.


In a now-viral tweet, Trevor explained how his idea works.

Trevor offered a dozen free pics of himself for people to give to the thirsty men in their messages.

The new concept caught the eye of a few.

..and ultimately people started putting Trevor’s pics to use.

Some guys who received a photo of Trevor from the women they were harassing got the hint.


Some guys we’re at least thrown off by receiving Trevor’s pics from the girls they were harassing.


And we just knew at least one of these egomaniacs would get angry right?


Trevor’s idea has already inspired other male allies to take action.

And if you’re wondering how the pics are actually being taken.

If you’d like custom pics made, Trevor has you covered, just send him a dm.

Thanks, Trevor, wholesome acts like these are what the world needs more of.


h/t Twitter

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