Bot Creates Hilarious Movie Script After Watching 1000 Hours of Hallmark Christmas Movies

Guy has a bot watch over 1,000 hours of Hallmark Christmas movies and then has the bot write it's own Hallmark Christmas movie.

Watching Hallmark Christmas movies has become a tradition for many people during this holly jolly season. The charming and often very predictable films are often the wholesome content we love to see during the holidays.

People have often commented that they think it would be easy to write a Hallmark Christmas movie of their own.


Twitter user @KeatonPatti actually decided to do this – with a twist. He made a bot watch one thousand hours of the Hallmark Channel Christmas movies. Then he had the bot create its own story.

Here’s the first page of the bot’s epic Hallmark movie script:

via Twitter

People couldn’t help but highlight their favorite parts:

The first page of the script was so delicious some people were asking for more:

While this guy posed the most important question.

All watch.

h/t: Bestproducts