Here are the Best Memes from the Second to Last Episode Of “Game of Thrones”

game of thrones memes second to last episode
Screengrab via HBO
The best memes from the second to last episode of "Game of Thrones."

In true “Game of Thrones” tradition, the second to last episode was full of huge events. Let’s get into it.

Varys was sentenced to death after trying to spread the word that Jon is the rightful heir to the throne.

Danaerys questions if Jon really loves her or not before taking off for battle the next day.

Dany’s army caught Jaime’s sneaking back to King’s Landing and Tyrion freed him.

Jon Snow and Greyworm appeared to be at odds during the battle/massacre.

Dany’s assault on King’s Landing went as planned, and I guess we all know who the “Mad Queen” really is.

The Hound and The Mountain took each other out.

Cersei and her brother go out like everyone pretty much expected they would.

…and somehow Arya made it out alive.

Sooo.. what could possibly happen next?