“I Used to Date a Psychopath” — Women Share Stories of Jealous Exes in Viral Twitter Thread

jealous exes

Ever look back over your life and reflect on the people you’ve dated and think about how you legitimately dodged a bullet?

I know many can relate. Relationships can be tough, but they’re even harder when you’re trying to make it work with someone that struggles with insecurities.

Twitter user Alyssa Schoener is all too familiar with this, as she took to the social site recalling a time where she “dated a psychopath” in a funny, yet unfortunate tweet:

Her thread quickly went viral with women everywhere sharing their experiences with crazy exes:

Pretty wild to see just how many women resonated with Schoener’s story.

There’s real danger in staying in unhealthy relationships, which many ladies chose to express on the thread. Speaking from experience, sadly, many users contributed their advice about walking away from these types of situations:

One male user even opened up about his past (and current) experience of struggling with insecurities in his relationships:

There is no formula for a perfect relationship, as we all know, but there are absolutely signs early on that insecurities are present and jealousy is an issue. When those things start to surface, we have the perfect remedy…

Option #1

…or Option #2.