In Meme-Moriam: 10 Iconic Grumpy Cat Memes To Remember Her By

Grumpy Cat, the celebrity cat with the famed sourpuss face, passes away at 7-years-old.

One of the most meme famous figures in the past decade, Grumpy Cat, has passed away at the tender young age of 7-years-old.

The celebrity cat, who was featured in thousands of memes, died from complications due to suffering a urinary tract infection. She recently celebrated her 7th birthday on April 4th, 2019.

Grumpy Cat, also known as Tardar Sauce to her Arizona owners, lived an awesome seven years of life.

She was good friends with Stan Lee.

She sat on the Iron Throne.

Got shout-outs from former presidents.

Threw first pitches.

Got to see London.

Homegirl LIVED y’all.

The cat’s sourpuss face was actually caused by a form of dwarfism, but according to her owners, she acted just like a regular cat.

After being posted to Reddit by her owner, Tardar Sauce’s became a staple in internet culture. We may not have her here with us anymore, but we’ll still have some of the best memes due to her distinct forever unimpressed face. We’ll share some of the best to honor her memory.

Long live Grumpy Cat!