Insecure Boyfriend Demands Girlfriend ‘Unlove’ Her Ex In Order To Be With Him


When it comes to dating, we’ve all encountered a jealous significant other who’s a bit insecure. Whether they want us to stop talking to a friend of the opposite sex, they stalk our social media comments, or they even go through our phones—many of us have been victims of abusive and unhealthy relationships.

Recently, one girlfriend wrote into Reddit asking for advice about her current boyfriend, Mark.

She and Mark have been dating for 6 months.

Mark recently told her that he loved her for the first time. Then, he said he’d never told it to anyone else before.

She told Mark she had said it to one of her exes in the past—Eli—who she had dated for almost 7 years.

Mark then began to get aggressive and question his girlfriend about her feelings for Eli. As everyone knows, you never forget your first love. However, Mark was unsatisfied by this.

Then, Mark said that his girlfriend couldn’t “truly love him” unless she “unloved Eli.

She then asked if she’s crazy for thinking Mark is out of line and overreacting.

People online had strong feelings about how toxic and insecure Mark is. Many said she should totally dump Mark.

We totally agree.