Ja Rule Is Getting Roasted On Twitter For His Role In The Fyre Festival

ja rule fyre festival
Internet users come at Ja Rule after he tweets in his own defense about the Fyre Festival disaster.

The 2017 disaster known on the internet as the Fyre Festival is receiving fresh scrutiny.

The Fyre Festival may be one of the biggest cons of our generation. The unbelievable shenanigans surrounding the production of the Festival were highlighted by two competing (the shade!) documentaries that appeared on Hulu and Netflix this past week.

Ja Rule, who partnered with the now-imprisoned Billy McFarland on the Fyre Festival, is receiving a lot of feedback online for his role in it.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Though footage of Ja Rule in both of the Fyre documentaries is pretty limited, people couldn’t help but point out his strange behavior, highlighted by both documentaries.

Like when the Fyre Media team was on a conference call, and Ja tried to avoid calling the Fyre Festival what it was.

People are also making note of how Ja Rule continued to call himself a mogul throughout interviews while trying to market the Festival.

Others are comparing the festival to a pretty popular Parks and Recreation episode.

All of the feedback that Ja is receiving on social media about the Fyre Festival prompted the “hip hop mogul” to respond.

Ja Rule is saying that he had no intentions of scamming or defrauding anyone:

He’s also saying that he didn’t get a cut of the money from the documentaries.

And that the revenue generated by the docs are supposed to go to the Bahamian locals who lost thousands of dollars.

Ja Rule also revealed that he would tell his side of the story soon:

Despite Ja’s ‘clarifications,’ people continue to voice their opinions of him: