Jameela Jamil Drags Amber Rose For Promoting Detox Teas To Pregnant Women


With the rises of celebrities using social media to promote products for a paycheck, it seems as though everyone is trying to cash in before it’s too late. With big names like the Kardashians using Instagram as a platform to cash in from companies, other celebrities have begun using the platform to make their own cut of the profits.

However, many celebs neglect that some of the products they choose to promote can be harmful and toxic to some of their fans and followers. In fact, when mainstream female celebrities choose to promote products, many of their followers are young, teenage girls. The products, many times being weight loss products, happen to promote a bad example for young fans.

Recently, many celebs who have promoted weight loss products such as detox teas have been under fire for the harsh, negative, and harmful effects that can have lifelong effects on young girls.

Actress Jameela Jamil of A Good Place has bene known to call out some celebrities online for promoting detox teas—such as the Kardashians and Cardi B. This time around, she’s coming straight for Amber Rose, who recently posted a sponsored post targeting pregnant mothers.

Rose posed with a “Flat Tummy Organic Pregnancy Tea” pouch online, saying…

Okay listen up @flattummyco just launched an Organic Pregnancy Tea to help us moms with those bloated, nauseous, blah feeling days! It’s safe to take while pregnant and breastfeeding. This is not a detox tea – it’s specially designed to help reduce occasional nausea and support digestion during pregnancy – haters stop riding the bandwagon and think for yourselves.


Obviously, pregnant women should be extremely careful with what they put in their bodies—not only to protect themselves, but to protect their unborn child.

Jamil was quick to screenshot Rose’s post and post it on Twitter saying:

She followed up by adding:

As it turns out, the company who owns the products actually warn any pregnant and breastfeeding mothers against using their products entirely.

People online were just as unhappy to see Rose—and other celebrities with major influence—promoting products that perpetuate the idea that women should hate their bodies.

Amber Rose has yet to comment on the matter and has kept the Instagram post up on her page.