Jameela Jamil Shares Undeniably Relatable Story of Getting Hit On And Twitter Weighs In

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Twitter / @JameelaJamil

Sadly, if you’re a woman in today’s world, it’s a guarantee that at some point in your life you’ve had or will have the frustrating experience of getting hit on and receiving backlash on the other end of the rejection. British actress Jameela Jamil took to Twitter sharing an unfortunate story about being approached by a man and the response she received after turning him down.

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Jamil’s thread was then flooded with women chiming in. Many chose to call men out and comment on their complete disgust with the situation:

Tons of women shared their all too familiar experiences with guys shaming and insulting them as well and it’s pretty disturbing.

Women sharing things they have to do to avoid unwanted attention is absurd.

With many commenting on men’s issue with hearing the word “no”:

One user even talked about an experience she had while riding Uber which other users joined in on:

And another user even bringing up a situation involving her female friends:

On a positive note, other users commended Jamil for taking a stand:

Yet, the harsh and sad reality as one user plainly states…

Unfortunately, women beware.

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