Jason Momoa Just Shaved Off His Beard Because We’re Not Recycling Enough

jason momoa recycle
Screengrab via Youtube

With much angst and our deepest of sympathies, we must report that the beautiful beard of Jason Momoa, has ceased to be.

Dfree / Shutterstock

Yes, you heard that correctly. One of the greatest beard’s the world has ever seen is no longer.

Featureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock

Jason’s Beard has set the world on fire with its beauty for nearly a decade.

Tinseltown / Shutterstock

Here’s one last shot of Jason’s beard in its infancy before we say our goodbyes to it.

It turns out Jason feels that we’re paying to much attention to unimportant things like his beard, and not enough attention to things like plastics that are basically destroying the planet.

In an effort to get us to focus more on our recycling habits, Momoa decided to shave his beard.

Jason documented his beard trimming in a new video post to Youtube titled “Goodbye Drogo… I SHAVED!”

And while many are sad to see it go..

At least he’s using it as an opportunity to raise awareness for a great cause.

Besides he’ll still look amazing.