Kim Kardashian Is Being Called Out For Cultural Appropriation, Again

kim kardashian cultural appropriation kimono
Japanese women are asking Kim Kardashian to rethink the name of her new bodyshaper line, Kimono.

Some things never change. If you scroll through your newsfeed on pretty much any given day, you’ll likely see numerous stories about Donald Trump and the Kardashian’s embattled in some type of controversy.

Yesterday, Kim Kardashian revealed that she would be releasing her new shapewear line. And while we love the actual suits designed for slit dresses and such, the trademarked name Kim is using for the new line is just utterly disrespectful.

That’s right, Kim Kardashian is naming the line Kimono. The big problem with this is Kimono is not freaking underwear. To Japanese people around the world, the Kimono is a traditional garment usually worn for formal occasions, public holidays and festivals.

Since the revealing of the shapewear line, people are calling Kim TF out for appropriating their culture. The backlash has even generated a trending hashtag, #KimOhNo:

Of course, this isn’t the first time Kim has been called out for cultural appropriation. Just months ago Kim received backlash for wearing a traditional Indian headpiece.

Can’t do this article without mentioning all of the times Kim has styled her hair in braids or cornrows unapologetically, but I won’t ramble.

For now, Kim is continuing to run with the Kimono line, posting more shots of women in the shapewear (which are actually on point btw) to her social media accounts.

Hopefully, Kim has a come to Jesus moment at the next Sunday Service and switches up the name because the suits look like total must-haves.