The Very Last Shots From The Last Episode Of 20 Iconic ’90s Sitcoms

final shots 90s sitcoms
A collection of the last shots from twenty different iconic '90s sitcoms.

1. Home Improvement: “The Long and Winding Road (Part 3)”

ABC / Wind Dancer Productions

The endearing family comedy ended it’s final episode with a shot of their family home on a tugboat on its way to Indiana. Home Improvement also released an episode after with funny outtakes and a final curtain call.

2. Family Matters: “Lost In Space”


The series ended with an engaged Steve and Laura sharing one last kiss.

3. Boy Meets World: “Brave New World Pt. 2”

Buena Vista Television

The final shot of the series shows Mr. Feeny’s empty classroom after dismissing his favorite students for the last time.

4. Frasier: “Goodnight Seattle”

The final shot gives us a glimpse of Frasier in a plane landing in Chicago instead of San Francisco where he originally announced he’d be moving to.

5. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: “I, Done”


The camera pans out and gives us the last shot of the iconic Banks’ living room. The last shot of Will standing in the living room has become a notable meme in recent years.


6. Friends: “The Last One, Part 2”


The camera pans to the iconic frame on the door around the peephole right after showing the group leaving their apartments for the last time.

9. Saved By The Bell: “Graduation”


Technically, the series ended its final episode with the Bayside High class of ’93 throwing their graduation caps in the air lead by Zack Morris himself.

But it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t include the last shot of the Saved By The Bell: “Wedding In Las Vegas” movie, featuring a newly hitched Zack and Kelly riding off in their limo to live happily ever after


10. 3rd Rock from the Sun: “The Thing That Wouldn’t Die”


The show ended with the cast ascending back into the heavens leaving behind their iconic Rambler moments after singing their mission song. The final shot is actually a shot of the spinning Earth, featured below.


11. Full House: “Michelle Rides Again Part 2”


Full House ended with the full cast having a moment in their iconic San Francisco living room.

12. The Nanny: “The Finale Part 2”


The series ends with Fran shutting the door to her old home for the last time, seconds after finding her grandmother hiding in a closet. The cast also takes a final bow while the credits start to roll.


13. Sabrina, the Teenage Witch: “What a Witch Wants; Soul Mates Part 2”


The final shot shows Sabrina on the back of Harvey’s motorcycle right after ditching her wedding.

14. Step by Step: “Movin’ On Up”


The series ends with Frank and Carol embracing after a laugh.

15. Martin: “California Here We Come Part 2”


The final shot shows Martin leaving his boxed-up apartment on the way to California.

16. Blossom: “Goodbye”


Blossom took one last peak into her camera before shutting off the camera in her last video diary.

17. The Wayans Bros: “Never Can Say Goodbye”


The brothers are in the diner watching Pops’ do his last dance in the series finale.

18. Ellen: “Vows”


The final episode of Ellen ends with Laurie and Ellen kissing with faces full of cake.

19. Smart Guy: “Never Too Young”


The last shot of the series finale is a confused T.J. Henderson and his father looking at each other with confused faces.

20. Living Single: “Let’s Stay Together”


The final shots of Living Single show Khadijah giving the apartment one last look-over before closing the door to it for the last time.