Linda Fairstein’s Book Publisher Just Dropped Her

linda fairstein cover
The book publisher of the prosecutor allegedly behind the push to wrongfully convict the "Central Park 5" drops Linda Fairstein after backlash for her role in the ordeal.

When it rains it pours. The AP is reporting that the controversial prosecutor who lead in getting convictions against the “Central Park 5” has been dropped by her book publisher.

The news comes after backlash continues to mount against the prosecutor turned novelist since the premiere of Ava Duvernay’s “When They See Us,” this past week.

According to the AP report, Fairstein’s now-former publisher says that it “terminated its relationship” with the controversial crime-novelist.

The move by her publisher comes after a big push by the #CancelLindaFairstein movement in which people are calling for a boycott of Fairstein’s publishers and book distributors .. after Felicity Huffman’s portrayal of Fairstein’s role in the wrongful conviction of the five young boys in the Netflix series gave audiences a glimpse at the horrid actions by the prosecution.

Fairstein has also been forced to resign from multiple nonprofit organizations and the Board of Trustees at Vassar college because of public outcry.

Glamour Magazine who gave Fairstein their “Woman of the Year,” award in 1993, recently declared that it was a mistake to do so and that they would not “bestow” the honor on her today.

Another publisher of Fairstein’s–Simon & Schuster–has yet to sever ties with her.

We’ll keep you updated as the story develops.

h/t AP, TMZ, Glamour