Lizzo Twerking And Playing The Flute At The Same Time Is The Energy I’m Bringing All Summer ‘19

lizzo twerking flute
Screengrab via BETNetworks / Viacom

Last night the 2019 BET Awards aired, and while there were a ton of great performances, but I simply cannot stop thinking about the ingenious display from Lizzo’s first appearance at the award show.

Sure, she’s twerked with a flute in recent performances of “Truth Hurts” before, and they were always amazing, but this time she got to showcase her talents on a performance broadcast across every channel on the Viacom network—Lizzo totally brought her A game.

Lizzo is the embodiment of a straight f—- you to social norms. She authentically puts on for big girls everywhere, every time she touches the stage, and last night everyone got to see all of the hard work that she has put in these past few years to create a great show.

The set even got a nod of approval from Rihanna before the performance was over.

When you’re inspiring the titans of the industry you know you’re doing something right.

Check out Lizzo’s full performance below.