Mailman Known For Giving Dogs Treats Receives Touching Letter When One Of The Dogs Passes Away

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If you ask any mail carrier they’ll tell you that dogs love to interact with them while on their routes. Mailmen mainly work on a fixed schedule and for many dogs who are home alone, interacting with a person–even if it’s for just a few seconds–is the highlight of their day until their owner(s) get home.

But the dogs that are lucky enough to be on this very kind mail carrier’s route, have it really good.

A few days ago, Twitter user @amorningsting disclosed that her Postman dad, Fernando, regularly gives special treats to the dogs on his route. Because of his kindness, the woman’s Dad is beloved by both dogs and their owners.

@amorningsting decided to tell Twitter about her Dad’s kindness on this specific day because he received a heart-wrenching note from one of the dog’s owners that he regularly gave treats to.

A text from @amorningsting’s father explained that the dog, named Gretchen, had just passed away.


Gretchen’s owners left a note and a bag of doggie treats for Fernando. In the letter, they thanked him for his kindness and asked him to share the treats Gretchen never got to eat with the other dogs on his route.

The typed note by the owners addressed to the mailman read:

Gretchen passed away yesterday. She asked me to ask you if you would share her treats that she never got to finish with the other dogs on your route. She always enjoyed seeing you come to the door and was always happy to get a snack from you. Thank you, The Cimino Family.”


After sharing the touching letter on Twitter, it was retweeted over 180,000 times and liked over 866,000 times.

It was shared so much that Gretchen’s owners caught wind of the tweet, replying with a sweet video of Gretchen waiting for her favorite mailman at the door.

There wasn’t a dry eye on Twitter.

h/t @amorningsting