New Makeup Line For Men Is Being Completely Roasted On Twitter

male makeup
Casther / Shutterstock
A UK brand of makeup allegedly designed for men, gets roasted by Twitter.

Typically when there’s a new makeup line or product on the market, there’s a buzz about it via social media and we’re running to our fave YouTubers to catch the latest reviews. Ladies, you know we all die for a good tutorial. Well, there’s a new makeup line… for men. And the “buzz” it’s creating is more like a burn because it’s being torched. Terribly. Introducing War Paint. Take a look for yourself.


The UK-based brand sells products “specially formulated for men” like anti-shine powder, concealer, bronzer and tinted moisture and pride themselves on “using the highest vegan, quality ingredients sourced from all over the world.”

It’s safe to say the makeup line is being completely annihilated on Twitter, for so so many reasons.

For starters, users are trying to understand what the hell “men’s skin” is:

Others pointed out the disrespect in the branding of the makeup:

Many made the point that makeup has never been gender specific, and doesn’t need to be now:

Users even made it a point to tweet out men’s use of Rihanna’s popular Fenty Beauty to prove the point:

Others roasted the brand for their lack of diversity in color options:

The biggest criticism by far was from users calling the brand out for toxic masculinity:

Yea, there are just so many things wrong with this. We’re with this user:

h/t Twitter