Mariah Carey ‘Confusing’ The Chainsmokers With One Direction Is Peak Mariah Carey

mariah carey the chainsmokers
Kathy Hutchins/ Featureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock

EDM-pop duo “The Chainsmokers” just revealed that they had the funniest encounter with Mariah Carey at an award show.

On an interview with Sirius XM’s “The Morning Mash Up,” Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers, recalled their first meeting with Mariah Carey:

Alex Pall said that while they definitely recognized who Mariah was at the award show, she had them confused with another well-known pop group:

“We met Mariah Carey this one time. I remember seeing her and I was like, oh my God, ‘Fantasy’ and ‘Honey.’ And she was like, ‘Dude, I love you guys.’ And we were like, ‘Wow, you know who we are?'”

Narrator voice: She did not know who they were.

Alex Pall then stated that Mariah followed up with a question:

“She was like, ‘One Direction, right?'”

Mariah Carey soon got wind of The Chainsmokers interview clip, and retweeted it with a playful One Direction reference :

Maybe we’ll get a collab from Mariah Carey and The Chainsmokers, and maaybe not. Mariah is famously known for deleting people from her memory bank.