Math Trick Goes Viral and People Are Wondering Why They Never Knew This Before

viral math trick

If you’re anything like most people, math is just not your strong suit. Seriously. Anything beyond basic elementary addition makes your head hurt and if the equation involves anything past “carrying the 2”, it’s a wrap. Math just flat out sucks and for most of the world, this is a universal truth. So, there was no surprise when self-proclaimed “Math Whizz” and Twitter user Ben Stephens tweeted out a simple trick for solving percentages, the internet went crazy.

Ben tweeted out more examples and we’re just blown away.

“18% of 50 feels hard to calculate.
But 50% of 18 is a doddle, right?”

-Ben Stephens (Twitter)

So, pretty much, what you’re telling us, Mr.Stephens is that we’ve wasted most of our educational lives struggling, failing tests and risking zeros cheating on math quizzes with our TI-83’s discreetly tucked out of our teacher’s site whennnnnn we could have simply switched two numbers in an equation? Wow. Looks like the cyber world shares in our blown-away-dness too:

How do teachers not even know this? Should we be concerned?

Of course, the know-it-all mathematicians had to join in on the conversation and Ben didn’t hesitate to come to the defense of all the math illiterates around the world:

Why does this remind us of the smarty pants nerd that never said a word to anybody in class but was always the FIRST to remind the teacher about the homework from the night before that nobody did BUT HIM? Ugh.

Even with this new-found hack math is, and will forever be, the absolute worst. No matter how you flip it.

Case in point.

h/t IFL Science